13 February 2007

No, thank YOU, Optimism

Today, I am concerned about the current global political climate. This is new to me: I’d much rather keep my apathetic stance and hurl casual criticisms at the involved parties than buy into a complicated investment.

My grandmother, though, said something out-of-character; at first, her comment made me chuckle inside at her becoming an involved pundit offering unsolicited political commentary. But later in the day, a news promo teasing today’s issues explained her earlier forwardness: she had casually remarked, just as the news would a few hours later, that the more she thought about it, Iran had to be backing Iraqi insurgents with weapons and support.

So I’m glad there’s a glimmer of dialogue in my family beyond echoing, “time will prove the administration right.” I wish it was something beyond my favorite-est news channel’s thoughts, though. The speculation proven correct, however, would make the world I live in a sadder place twice over, the second being that Iran is coming after us. Fuck, I hate local news.

08 February 2007

Where're the mullets and pickup trucks?

For a television car show, I don't think there are many better than the Bri'ish's Top Gear. I'm not huge into cars, but I do play Gran Turismo, which makes me feel like I know something about them.

Plus, the dry humoured Jeremy Clarkson could get me excited about driving a wheelbarrow down a gravel road with that enchanting voice.

They don't sell $2.3 mil worth of Blue Moon in a YEAR

Yeah, this is a Bud Light commercial, but it was probably the best of an always-declining Superbowl media machine. Does anybody remember when Michael Jordan played horse with Larry Bird, and maybe Bugs Bunny was in there too somewhere, and they got my elementary-school self really f-ing excited?

I have a t-shirt to prove it.

More Commercialism

If I would have been savvy enough to read the things that explained the Doritos Superbowl commercial contest, I would have submitted my own idea. I think it would play well with all the fuckin’ kids [and anybody up at two in the morning, who could relate]:

Guy with a hammer and a bag of Doritos. He puts the bag down on a table in front of him, then smashes the bag with the hammer. Obviously, some chips break and splatter. Then, he stops, looks straight at the camera, and says, “walking tacos!” Then there’s a fifteen minute tutorial on how to make the best walking taco. Oh, and the guy’s name is Chuck Norris, for the kids’ sakes. And the hammer isn’t a hammer, but something obviously fucking crazy (like his eyelash!).

Creativity is fucking easy when you shit efficiently.

07 February 2007

This is one of ten for no reason at all

These are the first words I’ve had the chance to type in awhile. The following is a list of why that is (and other things that’ve occupied my days):

-I’m moving. You shouldn’t ask where; I don’t even know yet. But it’s going to be soon.

-I was in Denver for a few days, wearing suits and ties and smiles. What a lovely, highway-ed town.

-There should be tax benefits for small businesses if the minimum wage is increased [I think].

-I finally got a chance to listen to The Shin’s new album, Wincing the Night Away. I was excited within the first few minutes. Shooting over to Pitchfork, though, may have ruined that early buzz: while I was listening to the fourth song of the album, I read Pitchfork’s review, which praises the first four songs while suggesting most everything after doesn’t live up. Still, different than the “So Says I” Shins type of song, which may or may not prove to be a good thing.

-Also, I still don’t fucking care whether The Shins are indie-enough or too hipster. Zach Braff is a visionary, let’s be honest [eventually].

-Apparently, I spell “mansion” as “manshion.”

-I am still 6’4” tall.

-I am still confused.

-I am still putting off creating and producing and recording.

-I am still planning on doing something significant, eventually.

But: plans change.