24 May 2008

Inching the old crap down the page a bit

This is the unofficial 151st post, I guess, in almost two years of having a blog. For the two years before this fucking thing began, I despised anyone with a blog (Culture Bully aside).

It's occurred to me lately, Facebook-stalking people I used to know quite well, that I may be close to that point in other people's movie lives that I shed my innocent starry-eyed dreams in favor of security and practicality and Republicanism. There's a point you cross when you're 24-1/3 that the realization occurs, let's say, and SHIT, you really like the idea of lower taxes and higher national security and fewer icky hippy legal union laws. And you move into a house with a yard you can keep mowed, and you can get a dog that you call your kid, and when you write (when the mood rarely strikes) you write in third-person and mix your tenses. And the writing is about your "kid," or about how you used to have ridiculous dreams or the funny story about cooking the wrong type of onions for the onion salad!

If there is this point to reach, I want to know. I want to see it, and avoid it a little bit, but then double back and make sure that my proxy fly on the dung heap is killed before too much preciousness is nibbled (metaphors!). 

21 April 2008

i stopped posting because i thought all the problems were fixed and lying was done...

did you know that there's STILL an election going on?!? and it isn't even a real election--it's a PRIMARY!

there's something to be said for the simplicity and infallibility of absolute monarchies.

12 March 2008

the idea of another Republican office...

The only way my vote will be torn this Fall--that is, for the presidential election--is if Hillary Clinton wins the nomination and continues to act SCARY--or continues to try to scare me. Otherwise, I think I am all done thinking about the topic.

Reading CNN.com today, though, there was an article on how Mitten Rombley is hoping to be asked to be McCain's running mate. I watched a few of the Republican debates, and despite thinking McCain came off bad every time I saw him, I thought Mitten came off worse. In fact, if I had to choose two people who seemed to disagree and argue the most, it would be those two. They were practically the only two who talked towards the end--between Rudy Giulliani reminding everyone of his mayoral triumphs.

Does that even make sense--McCain/Romney 08? If the Vice President ended up killing the President, I don't think that would fix ANYTHING, partisan or not. It could be interesting if Republican semi-outsider John McCain chose the way-the-hell-out-there Ron Paul. That would make an interesting election.

26 February 2008

Angry Angry

Why is it that when I watch any of the Democratic debates I cannot help but thinking that if Hillary (Rodham?) Clinton wins the nomination, the debates between John McCain and her will be nothing but ANGRY?

So much hostility--the mouth says vote for me, but the eyes say "death death death."

07 February 2008

hey! now i have one less political reason to have to move out of the country!

I think my favorite thing about Mitt Romney dropping out, and I suppose his campaign as a whole, is a Best Show character mispronouncing his name--thanks to another word blog thing pointing me to it.

While the Colbert/Conan/Stewart-bump for Huckabee has played itself out, maybe we're starting to see the influence of the PhillyBoyRoy-bump for Mick Rombley.

29 January 2008

I'll get to the rest in a minute...

HONESTLY, who are these people who look at all the candidates--for this "presidential" thing--and say, "y'know what? fuck it, I'm a Mitt Romney type of guy/gal."

I seriously do not understand it. Maybe it's just my common sense, IDUNNO.

28 January 2008

I've changed things up, like those drug people on the drug shows

I had a new idea, because I feel I'm kind of trapped by my inability to finish longstanding projects:

Start a new project that seems to divert some attention from the other.

So I'm trying to tumblr, another blog site that lets you set up a blog in TEN SECONDS. With that type of efficiency, you can expect mediocrity. My intent is not to quit this site, but rather to refocus. If you want to know random shit goin' on with the ole' Joe Thiele, go to http://joethiele.tumblr.com/. If you want something better than that, go to the rest of the internet, and then come back to this site. I'll post--with pictures and words and copy and paste--on something of value, maybe.

But I do realize that this divides the Joe Thiele raindrop-in-the-ocean into incomplete halves. But maybe that's a good thing, since you weren't really reading that whole raindrop anyway.