28 January 2008

I've changed things up, like those drug people on the drug shows

I had a new idea, because I feel I'm kind of trapped by my inability to finish longstanding projects:

Start a new project that seems to divert some attention from the other.

So I'm trying to tumblr, another blog site that lets you set up a blog in TEN SECONDS. With that type of efficiency, you can expect mediocrity. My intent is not to quit this site, but rather to refocus. If you want to know random shit goin' on with the ole' Joe Thiele, go to http://joethiele.tumblr.com/. If you want something better than that, go to the rest of the internet, and then come back to this site. I'll post--with pictures and words and copy and paste--on something of value, maybe.

But I do realize that this divides the Joe Thiele raindrop-in-the-ocean into incomplete halves. But maybe that's a good thing, since you weren't really reading that whole raindrop anyway.

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