12 March 2008

the idea of another Republican office...

The only way my vote will be torn this Fall--that is, for the presidential election--is if Hillary Clinton wins the nomination and continues to act SCARY--or continues to try to scare me. Otherwise, I think I am all done thinking about the topic.

Reading CNN.com today, though, there was an article on how Mitten Rombley is hoping to be asked to be McCain's running mate. I watched a few of the Republican debates, and despite thinking McCain came off bad every time I saw him, I thought Mitten came off worse. In fact, if I had to choose two people who seemed to disagree and argue the most, it would be those two. They were practically the only two who talked towards the end--between Rudy Giulliani reminding everyone of his mayoral triumphs.

Does that even make sense--McCain/Romney 08? If the Vice President ended up killing the President, I don't think that would fix ANYTHING, partisan or not. It could be interesting if Republican semi-outsider John McCain chose the way-the-hell-out-there Ron Paul. That would make an interesting election.

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